1969 NXPL Draft

New York Yankees (NYY) Tony Truscello Thurman Munson Bill Buckner-CRW Jim Colburn-CLV Billy Conigliaro Ron Klimkowski Ron Woods Garry Jestadt Ray Jarvis
Milwaukee Braves (MIL) Jeff Snell  Darrell Evans Gene Tenance Coco Laboy Bill Wilson Ray Lamb Angel Mangual Pass Pass
Detroit Tigers (DET) Eugene Knauber Tom Timmerman Ken Tatum Mike Nagy Al Raffo Bob Didier Steve Hovley Jose Martinez Juan Rios
Minnesota Twins (MIN) Bob Umbenhauer Dick Woodson Toby Harrah Pedro Borbon Steve Arlin Syd O'Brien Fran Healy Mike Corkins Boots Day
St. Louis Cardinals (STL) Jim Leopardi Jerry Reuss Dick Drago Fred Scherman-NYY Rod Gaspar Ike Brown Paul Doyle Pass Pass
Philadelphia Phillies (PHI) Frank Costello Barry Lersch Steve Renko Carl Morton Tom Hilgendorf Gary Neibauer Lou Marone Van Kelly Dennis Paepke
Chicago White Sox (CWS) Terry Stansberry Bart Johnson Gary Gentry Tom Griffin Wayne Garrett Marty Perez Mike Wegener Pass Pass
Pittsburgh Pirates (PIT) Bob Snyder Dave Cash Rick Dempsey-CLV Al Fitzmorris Jerry Morales Jack DiLauro  Jerry Robertson Marcel Lachemann Rich Morales
Chicago Cubs (CHC) Peter Kilmarx Oscar Gamble Clay Kirby Tom Bradley Billy Grabarkewitz Bob Reynolds Jose Pena Bob Stinson Johnny Jeter
Cleveland Indians (CLE) Dave Elkin Phil Hennigan Gene Garber Bill Butler-PIT Darrel Chaney Bill Champion Al Severinsen Pass Pass
Cincinnati Roadwarriors (CIN) Steve Ryan Bernie Carbo Ted Sizemore Bob Johnson Bobby Valentine Joe Decker. Pass Pass Pass
Baltimore Orioles (BAL) Chris Strovel Terry Crowley Reggie Cleveland Ceasar Geronimo Buck Martinez Paul Edmondson Johnny Podres Bill Burbach Jerry DaVanon
New York Giants (NYG) Ed Lilly George Foster Chuck Taylor  Ron Blomberg Fred Stanley Pass Pass Pass Pass
Boston Red Sox (BRS) Charley Howe Carlton Fisk Bill Lee John Ellis Mike Garman Tony Muser Pass Pass Pass
Brooklyn Dodgers (BRO) Ron Bates Steve Garvey Bill Russell Mike Kilkenny Lloyd Allen(CHC) Leron Lee (CLV) Bill Zepp Sal Campisi Jerry Crider
Kansas City A's (KCA) Jeff Jones Vida Blue Dave Roberts Fred Kendall Von Joshua Pass Pass Pass Pass
*Teams that were tied with regular season winning percentage alternate every other round.
1.  The Indians trade Richie Hebner and 69DC2CLE to the Pirates for Ed Charles, Ollie Brown and 69DC1PIT.
2.  St. Louis cuts Bruce Howard.
3.  The Phillies cut uncarded George Kopacz and uncarded Billl Edgerton.
4.  The Indians trade Gary Bell to the Red Sox for Tommy Sisk and Jack Hamilton
5.  The Indians trade Russ Nixon to the Red Sox for Fred Whitfield.
6.  St. Louis cuts Dick Kenworthy and Jerry Buchek.
7.  The A's trade Jim McGlothlin and Bob Johnson to the Cubs for Jim Brewer.
8.  The Cardinals cut Jack Lamabe.
9.  The Yankees pick up free agent Jack Lamabe.
10.  Kansas City cuts Dick Kenworthy, Jerry Buchek and Gene Martin.
11.  The Dodgers cuts Jim Ellis and Johnny Podres.
12.  Cincinnati cuts Norm Siebern.
13.  The Yankees pick up free agents Dick Kenworthy and Jerry Buckek.
14.  The Phillies pick up free agents Gene Martin and John Felske.
15.  The Yankees trades Andy Messersmith and Al Downing to the Roadwarriors for Graig Nettles Ray Culp.
16.  The Red Sox trade Bill Hands and Horace Clarke to the Yankees for Ray Culp and Felix Millan.
17.  The Phillies trade Mike Andrews to the Red Sox for Felix Millan.
18.  The Braves trade Roy White and Dick Ellsworth to the Yankees for Bill Hands and Aurelio Rodriguez.
19.  The Yankees trade Dick Ellsworth to the Cubs for Steve Kealey.
20.  The Dodgers trade Alan Foster, Tom Kelley and Phil Ortega to the Yankees for Tommy McRaw, John Purdin and Steve Bailey.
21.  The Cubs trade Cal Koonce to Brooklyn for 69DC3BRO.
22. The Roadwarriors trade Jim Northrup and Al Downing to New York Yankees for 69 NYY 1 and Jim Hannan
23, The Cardinals trade 69 STL 2 to New York Yankees for Clete Boyer
24, The Inidans send Vic Davalillo to the Dodgers for 69 BD 4
25. The Indians send George Culver to the NY Yankees for 69 NY 2
26. The Yankees send Billy Conigliaro, Jerry Kenney, and Ivan Murrell to St. Louis for Bob Bailey
27. The Phillies cut Dick Nen, Joe Verbanic and Roberto Rodriguez
28. The Cardinals cut Gene Oliver, Floyd Weaver, Mel Nelson, Ron Kline, Ken Boyer, Bill Landis, Leon Wagner, Rich Morales and Bill White
29. The Dodgers cut Rick Kester
30. The Indians sends Larry Haney, Ty Cline and Max Alvis to Tigers for Paul Linbald and Mike Marshall
31. The Dodgers drop Charley Smith
32 The Orioles drop John Boozer, Gary Holman, Jack Fisher, zz Adrian Garrett and Tom Satriano
33. White Sox cut Larry Bearnarth.
34. The Tigers trade Jim Rooker to the Pirates for Jerry Adair and Jerry McNertny
35. The Cubs cut Darrell Osteen, Bill Faul, Les Rohr, and Frank Coggins
36. The Cubs cut Remy Hermoso, Tony LaRussa, Tom Shopay, Larry Jaster, and Cap Peterson
37. The Cubs cut Dick Ellsworth and add Bob Stinson
Yanks Phillies Cubs
1. Lowell Palmer no pick Mike McQueen
2. Bill Landis Larry Burchardt Jim Lyttle
3. John Boozer no pick Bobby Brooks
4. Jack Fischer   Scott Northey
5. Tom Satriano   Jan Dukes
6. Scipio Spinks   Jerry Cram
7. Ron Kline
8. Don Secrist
9. Ron Law
10. Dave Watkins
TRADES Made after draft