1971 NXPL Draft

Detroit Tigers (DET) Chuck Seelbach Jim Slaton Pete Broberg Rick Auerbach Ray Newman Enzo Hernandez Steve Luebber
Philadelphia Phillies (PHI) Mike Anderson Jon Matlock Juan Beniquez Jim Willoughby Brock Davis Don Hahn Rich Chiles
St. Louis Cardinals (STL) Rudy Arroyo Richie Zisk Rick Miller (CRW) Charlie Williams Chris Zachary Lee Richard Tom Shopay
Chicago White Sox (CWS) Terry Forester JR Richards Bill Bonhan Kurt Bevacqua Jerry Bell Jim Mason Ken Suarez
Cleveland Indians (CLE) Rich Chambliss Darrell Porter Ed Farmer Terry Humphrey Rich Hinton Gomer Hodge Pass
Milwaukee Braves (MIL) Tom House Mike Caldwell Bill Parsons Ernie McAnally Jimmy Rosario Santiago Guzman Ted Ford
Baltimore Orioles (BAL) None Jim Barr Ron Bloomberg Bobby Darwin Bill Grief Hal Breedan Jerry DaVanon
Brooklyn Dodgers (BRO) Ron Cey Doyle Alexander Dave Radar Mike Garman Ed Sprague Earl Stephenson Bobby Mitchell
Pittsburgh Pirates (PIT) Rennie Stennett Bruce Kison Frank Taveras Ron Theobald Mark Ballinger Roger Hambright Jim Britton
Kansas City A's (KCA) George Hendrick Chris Speier Buzz Capra Don Shaw Clyde Mashore Frank Baker Bob Gebhard
Boston Red Sox (BRS) Cecil Cooper Ben Oglivie Andy Hassler Bill Denehy Bob O'Brien Rickey Clark Pass
Cincinnati Roadwarriors (CIN) Ross Grimsley Steve Stone Mike Ivie (STL) Jim Strickland (STL) Bill Fahey pass Pass
New York Giants (NYG) Dave Kingman Jon Milner pass pass pass pass pass
Chicago Cubs (CHC) Billy North Burt Hooton Derrell Thomas (STL) Ken Rudolph Monty Montgomery Bobby Pfeil Charlie Sands
Minnesota Twins (MIN) Steve Braun Eric Soderholm Ray Corbin Bucky Brandon Mike Thompson Tony Muser Pass
New York Yankees (NYY) Rusty Torres Lenny Randle (Minn) Angel Mangual (Milw)\ Al Severnsen (MIN) Mike Strahler John Vukovich Lance Clemons
Draft ended-all trades now for 1970  
1. NY Yankees trade # 1 and # 3 picks (1971) to Minnesota for Ron Hunt
2. The Yankees trade Horace Clarke, George Culver, Lowell Palmer, and NYY 2nd rd pick (1971) to the Braves for Wayne Simpson and Paul Popovich. 
3. Cleveland trades Jim Perry to Cincinnati for Frank Robinson
4. Cleveland trades Tommie Agee to Milwaukee for Bill Hands
5.  St.Louis Cardinals trade Jose Cruz Sr. to The Cinicinnati Roadwarriers for Don Gullett
6. Yanks send Graig Nettles and Thurman Munson to the Cubs for Joe Torre, Ron Santo, and Johnny Edwards.
7. Baltimore trades Wilhelm, Bunker, Alyea & Hinton to Chicago Cubs for Oscar Gamble
8. Cincinnati sends WIllie Montanez, Gene Michael and Ken Harrelson to Detroit for Fred Gladding, Horatio Pina and Wayne Granger
9. Detroit releases Bill Denehy
10.Cincinnati trades Dick Hall and Fritz Peterson to St. Louis for Lindy McDaniel and Jack Aker
11. Cubs trade Gary Ross and # 2 pick to St. Louis for Mike Epstein
12. Cincinnati trades Cin 2nd Pick, 3rd Round Pick, Tony Perez and Claude Osteen to St. Louis for Steve Mingori, Bob Gibson and St L 2nd Round pick
13. Baltimore trades Pat Jarvis to NY Yankees for Alan Foster
Trading Ended-1971 trades
1971 TRADES  
Baltimore cuts Adolfo Phillips and Lee Maye
New York Yankees send Steve Kealey to the Dodgers for Frank Howard
Cleveland trades Tommy John to Brooklyn Dodgers for Ken Henderson and Tom Grieve
New York Yankees send Bob Bailey to Baltimore for Jack Hiatt and Jim Ray
Brooklyn releases John Donaldson and Billy Wynne and Dick Ellsworth.
Twins cut Jim Campanis and Dave Boswell 
Indians cut Willie Smith
Phillies cut Dennis Papke
Cubs cut Bobby Brooks, Jim Gosger and Jan Dukes
Cards cut Byron Browne, Frank Johnson, Hal King, Paul Doyle and Rudy Arroyo
White Sox cut Minnie Monoso and Dave Baldwin
The Yankees send to Detroit Frank Howard, Ron Santo, Johnny Edwards, Pat Jarvis, NYY 1st & 3rd picks for Norm Cash & Bill Freehan
Tigers send SS Rick Auerbach to Pittsburgh for 2B Bill Mazeroski
Philadelphia trades its 1972 #2 pick to Detroit for Jerry Johnson, Jim Bunning, amd the Detroit 1972 #3 pick.
The Yankees add Pat Bourque, Jim Breazelale, Ron Clark, Bruce Christensen, Dwain Anderson, Norm Miller and Jim Panter
Detroit Tigers (DET) no waiver choices
Philadelphia Phillies (PHI) no waiver choices
St. Louis Cardinals (STL) no waiver choices
Chicago White Sox (CWS) no waiver choices
Cleveland Indians (CLE) no waiver choices
Milwaukee Braves (MIL) Stan Swanson Al Yates Al Closter
Baltimore Orioles (BAL) Stan Perzanowski Steve Barber (RHP) at 50
Brooklyn Dodgers (BRO) Bill Laxton Chris Arnold Tim Hosley
Pittsburgh Pirates (PIT) no waiver choices
Kansas City A's (KCA) no waiver choices
Boston Red Sox (BRS) no waiver choices
Cincinnati Roadwarriors (CIN) no waiver choices
New York Giants (NYG) no waiver choices
Chicago Cubs (CHC) no waiver choices
Minnesota Twins (MIN) no waiver choices
New York Yankees (NYY) no waiver choices
Waiver Cut
Dodgers cut Sal Campisi when picking up Bill Laxton
Dodgers cut Charlie Manual when picking up Tim Hosley
Dodgers cut Raymond Webster when picking up Chris Arnold