The No Expansion Professional League!

1992 Standings

About the League

        The NXPL is an APBA/Baseball For Windows simulation league that is dedicated to exploring the direction the Major Leagues would have taken if not for the expansions that began in 1961. The league uses the official APBA disk, with a one-pass run of Merlin run on it to adjust pitching grades. The league plays one five- or six-game series per week.

        The league has completed its 32nd season, 1992. The first 14 1/2 seasons were under the direction of Dave ‘The Beast’ Elkin. Chris Strovel served as commissioner from mid-1975 through 1980 and again starting in 1983, with Peter Kilmarx taking the reins for ’81 and ’82. The league transitioned to BBW 5.75 for 1978.

        Each team gets to protect at a minimum one rookie from its source team’s crop of rookies, without cost, each year. In 1970, the rule was modified to allow a 2nd franchise pick to be protected at the cost of the team’s first-round draft pick. In 1976, the league decided to let a franchise protect as many players as it wanted, at the continuing cost of its draft picks. In 1977, a bumper crop of rookies saw Detroit tag a then-astounding six franchise picks. Seattle then protected seven in 1984. Texas set a probably-unbreakable record with nine protected rookies in 1986.

       The league has seen great parity over the years. There have only been 30 100-win teams in 32 seasons, with most of them coming in the early years of the league. The parity ‘peaked’ in 1984, with no team winning more than 87 games, and only one team winning more than 83.

        The League’s championship series is named after original member Fran Costello, who played in the league for 23 seasons before passing away in 2017.