Jackie Robinson Memorial Baseball League!

1972 Standings


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About the League

          The Jackie Robinson Memorial Baseball League is an APBA/Baseball For Windows baseball league that started play in 1998, with the 1947 season, to honor the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut.

          The league began as a winter league, but is now playing continuously, having completed the 1972 season. It is a full-roster league, having expanded and changed rules along with the accompanying Major League season. However, after a league vote, due to fatigue and usage concerns, the league will not conduct expansion for 1976. The DH is about to be implemented in the Doby League in 1973. Adam Ginsburg was the founding commissioner. Chris Strovel took over from ’49-’55, ’57-’66, and 1971 on. Steve Galbraith ran the league in ’56, and returned as commish for ’67-’70.

          The league has seen teams rise to prominence for mini-dynasties or longer. Edgewood won seven straight Walker tiles from ’52-’58, followed by three straight pennants for Long Beach. Edgewood came back to cop its eighth pennant in ’62, followed by… you guessed it … Long Beach in 1963 and 1964. The two teams represented the Walker League in every World Series from ’53-‘64 The ’62 Walker pennant race was an all-time classic, with Edgewood returning to the top with 106 wins, beating out three other 100-win teams! In ’64, Seltzer staged an incredible rally to tie the race on the last day of the season, but Long Beach swept what became a two-game tie-breaker.

          D.C. turned the summers of ’61 and ’62 into the summers without pennant races in the Doby League. With back-to-back titles in ’65 and ’66, the B-List All-Stars have been to four World Series in the ‘60s, winning three. Redding rose from the bottom of the standings to win the World Series in ’63, fending off a strong Cedar Park club. Redding booked an astounding 119 wins in ’64, but lost a World Series rematch to Long Beach, which has been in most of the World Series in the 1960s. The Baltimore Elite B-26s had a string of 15 straight winning seasons snapped in 1964, having won two World Series.

            Seneca rose from the first expansion to become a power by the Summer of Love, but has not be able to clear the LCS despite winning 475 games in ’69-’72.