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            The MegaLeague is an APBA/Baseball For Windows draft league.

            Entering it’s 19th year of play in 2014, the league began in the pre-Power Tool days when head-to-head leagues were much more difficult to find. In fact, the first Mega was an all-MicroManager season in 1996.

            Over time, the core of the league has stayed intact with the teams represented in the Baltimore Division. Other long-time franchises in the Nationwide include Spanish Fort, LaPrensa, and Clearwater.

            From 1996-2010, the league featured 16 teams, with the DH and no MBF enforced. In 2011, to bolster the league, which was undergoing the departure of four owners, it was decided that the 12 remaining owners would take a second team, in a new, non-DH league. The limit of MaxBF was also used for the first time. To throw in a wrinkle, it was decided the Divisional Alignment of the Robinson League will be randomly assigned each year.

            A change implemented in 2012 was shifting the schedule to a one-series-per-week basis for most of the year. In 2014, that will switch to only 6-game series, with the exception of one buddy series. If you’d like more information on the league, e-mail chris at strovel dot com.