Moonlight Graham Fantasy Baseball League!

2017 Standings

About the League:

Description: Description: Description: F:\Web Pages\moonlightgraham\image\moonlightgraham2.jpg        The Moonlight Graham Fantasy Baseball League enters its 23rd year of play in 2017. The league began play with the DOS version of APBA computer baseball and migrated to the Baseball For Windows environment shortly thereafter.

        Moon is a 12-team AL-only league with a salary system. We use the APBA disk out of the box, with full AIM. We play one long series per week. Results are posted on Sundays. Visitor franchise files are due to the league in mid-week. Four teams make the postseason, where two seven-game rounds are played to determine the champion.

        Half of the league owners have been here for at least ten years, five of whom have been around for at least 15 years!

        Texas followed up a 106- win season with a Moon Series title. The 106 wins were 11th most in league history, and the most since East Hunter’s record 122 wins in 2010.