TRABL Off-Season Checklist


Assumes drafting the first week of Dec with Opening Day the first week of April

First week of November (or once the TRABL Series ends):

·         Open up the trading window

·         Chris’ initial draft disc available to the league

·         All owners to confirm their rosters

·         Confirm with John N that his website will be available for our draft use

·         Any rule changes for next year?

·         TRABL Constitution and/or the league website need updating?

·         Team roster sizes are unlimited

Second week of November:

·         Confirm with TRABL owners who is staying for next year

·         John to arrange for TRABL owners to pay for the draft website. John to forward payment to John N

·         Confirm traded draft picks from the just completed season. John and Chris?

·         Confirm penalties resulting in lost draft picks from the just completed season. Dave?

·         Owners to make any pre-draft cuts they wish.  This is optional for the teams but anybody wishing to do so has a one-week deadline to get them in.

·         Remind the league that the draft will be scheduled to start on 1 December.

Third week of November:

·         Chris’ final draft disc available to the league. Will have taken into account any pre-draft cuts made

·         Spreadsheet (?) of the TRABL draft pool sent to John N for uploading to the draft site. John M? Chris?

Fourth week of November:

·         Do we have any teams without owners? TRABL Grand Poobah’s to determine drafting process for any orphaned teams

·         Has any part of the schedule slipped? Any change to official start date of the draft?

·         As soon as the draft site is ready, all owners to test they can login

·         If the draft site is ready prior to the official draft start date, we can offer a ‘soft start’. I.e., owners may draft but no running clock and no penalty until the official start of the draft

First week of December

·         Targeted date for the draft to begin is 1 December. Whenever the draft does officially begin, all teams must draft until they have a minimum of 46 players

Second week of January (or following the completion of the draft)

·         Chris sends out final draft disc

·         Chris starts Merlinizing and applying other magic potions necessary for our official Opening Day disc

·         All owners to check their rosters for errors

Third week of January

·         Owners may elect to ask for a specific closer to be named (i.e. fudge a relievers save total so their MM will select them as closers)

·         Owners may elect to have an AIM change for their players. (i.e. a player with a 500/100 AIM can be changed to 1000/50 AIM if that helps their team make it thru the season)

·         Owners cut back to 46 players

Fourth week of January

·         Chris updates the draft disc based on teams cuts

First week of February

·         Phase 2 draft begins (the Great TRABL Swap Shop or whatever we’ve elected to call this draft)

Third week of February

·         Chris updates the draft disc based on Phase-2 draft results. Owners to check for errors

Second week of March

·         Chris puts our final Opening Day disc. Everybody complains about their pitchers grades

Third week of March

·         All teams send in their Opening Day FFs (active roster with farm organization)

Fourth week of March

·         Dave sends out the Opening Day PB CF

First week of April

·         Opening series!